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In the aftermath of an offshore injury, whether experienced by you or a loved one, securing a Houston maritime lawyer is crucial for navigating the legal complexities and ensuring rightful compensation. Entrusting your case to Grimes & Fertitta is a strategic decision, as our accomplished workplace injury attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of maritime law, ensuring you receive the justice and financial restitution you deserve.

Understanding Maritime Law: Protecting Those at Sea

Maritime, or admiralty law, establishes the regulatory framework for navigation, shipping, and offshore operations. Covering contracts, personal injury (tort) law, and worker’s compensation claims, maritime law extends its jurisdiction over both domestic and international waters.

Under this legal umbrella, individuals—crew members and passengers alike—can pursue compensation for injuries sustained on vessels. Grimes & Fertitta specializes in advocating for those who put their health and safety at risk for their employers. Our commitment is to ensure correct treatment for maritime workers following unforeseen incidents.

When is Maritime Law Applicable?

Maritime law, evolving from its constitutional origins, applies to “navigable waters,” defined as waters facilitating commerce between states or countries. This encompasses not only drilling rigs and oil rig accidents but also incidents on cruise ships and recreational vessels.

Common Maritime Accidents Requiring Offshore Accident Lawyers

Working offshore is inherently perilous, with hazards lurking around every corner of drilling rigs, cargo ships, and other maritime settings. Some common accidents falling under maritime law include:

  1. Slips and falls due to scattered tools or slippery substances.
  2. Being struck by falling objects or heavy machinery.
  3. Getting caught in heavy machinery.
  4. Exposure to toxic materials.
  5. Explosions or fires.

In the case of fires or explosions, the aftermath can lead to severe injuries, such as burns or lung damage. Grimes & Fertitta, equipped with experienced plant explosion lawyers, swiftly addresses such cases, ensuring timely and comprehensive legal representation.

Winning Your Case with a Houston Maritime Lawyer

Navigating maritime law requires a nuanced understanding of specific doctrines and statutes aimed at protecting passengers and crew on navigable waters. Some crucial statutes utilized by our maritime lawyers include:

  1. The Jones Act: Providing seamen the right to sue employers for personal injury, with negligence only needing to be present, not necessarily the proximate cause.
  2. The Seaman’s Right to Maintenance and Cure: Affording seamen rights to essentials like rent, mortgage, food, and medical expenses while recovering from an injury.
  3. The Death on High Seas Act: Allowing representatives of the deceased to bring a claim to court.
  4. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act: Establishing statutory rights for non-seamen maritime employees, covering ship-repairers, builders, breakers, longshoremen, and harbor construction workers.

For those injured on the high seas, the Houston maritime attorneys at Grimes & Fertitta stand as aggressive and experienced advocates, offering a chance at rightful compensation. We recognize the sacrifices made by maritime workers and make it our mission to bring justice to victims and their families, alleviating the financial and emotional burden resulting from negligence.

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Facing the aftermath of an offshore accident doesn’t mean facing it alone. Reach out to Grimes & Fertitta’s dedicated team of Houston maritime attorneys. Let us ensure that the impact of someone else’s negligence doesn’t fall solely on your shoulders.

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