Wall Street's Wolf Jordan Belfort explains why he changed his mind about bitcoin

Jordan Belfort, the original wolf of Wall Street, said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that he was wrong to predict that bitcoin would fall to zero.

However, Belfort clarified that he still holds the same position on most of the things he said about cryptocurrency in 2016.

Jordan Belfort stated that learning more about the industry and seeing what works and why more people are adopting cryptocurrency is important.

The financial guru has shifted from dismissing cryptocurrency to providing expert advice on how to invest in it.

In addition, Belfort compared low-cap altcoins to penny stocks.

Martin Scorcese's Wolf of Wall Street subject was convicted of several fraud cases.

The subject of Martin Scorcese's film Wolf of Wall Street was convicted of several fraud cases involving stock market manipulation and sentenced to 22 months in federal prison.
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