Place of the Dragon' series debut

In the 'Place of the Dragon' series debut, the blood of the winged serpent runs thick

This recap of House of the Dragon's debut episode contains spoilers for ... indeed, for House of the Dragon's debut episode.

That is essentially the very thing that a recap is. Continue likewise.

I've composed a couple convenient groundworks to assist us with all getting in the right headspace, yet basically: Forget what you know, you won't require it much.

Place of the Dragon opens around 200 years before the occasions of Game of Thrones.

The now 100-year-old Targaryen Dynasty is at its level, as the imperial family holds the reins to 10 completely mature winged serpents.

The Great Council picks Viserys, despite the fact that Rhaenys is more seasoned, in light of the fact that the man centric society isn't anything while possibly not absolutely unsurprising.

The sovereign kicks the bucket. Before long, her youngster — a male beneficiary — kicks the bucket too.

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