NFL group might move soon, report says

Fighter Field has been the Chicago Bears' home for a long time. Their extended presence in Chicago may before long end.

Brad Biggs of The Chicago Tribune said the Bears are set to withdraw Soldier Field.

Biggs said it's an issue of if, not when, and that might be this season.

Biggs: "When, not if." "Warrior Field, which appeared in 2003, was definitely not a fabulous arena. They need to examine themselves. Not short-term."

Bears deny leaving Soldier Field. The club is likewise purchasing land for another arena.

Warrior Field has been the Chicago Bears' home beginning around 1971 yet was shut for redevelopment.

The arena has facilitated pretty much every expert and semi-genius football club in Chicago in the previous hundred years.

The USMNT, USWNT, and others have played there.

Chicago Fire play at Soldier Field.

Will the Bears withdraw Soldier Field?

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