How couple who engages in sexual relations 9 times each day transformed it into $6,000 per month

A British couple who got dependent on making sassy recordings presently make $6,000 a month sharing them on OnlyFans - and engage in sexual relations nine times each day.

Tyler Thompson, 23, and Erin Sanaghan, 19, joined OnlyFans after another couple let them know the amount they were making on it.

The darlings previously engaged in sexual relations up to nine times each day - so chose to film their frolics and transfer them as a side gig.

Erin, who works in friendly consideration for grown-ups with chemical imbalance, said: "It's only diversion for ourselves and extraordinary to try.

"We didn't anticipate turning out to be so famous, yet individuals love the two of us.

"It's turned into an incredible second job for us, and our sexual coexistence simply improves.

"It doesn't feel like work - we're simply having a great time."

Tyler, a bricklayer, said: "I think it was stunning for my mother to find out on the grounds that she generally thought I was a heavenly messenger."