"Fat Hero" Melanie Field "A League of Their Own" and Rosie O'Donnell's Guidance

Melanie Field grew up playing sports, however, she tells POPSUGAR she wasn't especially great at them.

She would spend Sunday evenings watching games on TV with her father, staying away from schoolwork while he made sense of the guidelines of baseball or football.

She could never have imagined that she'd one day be the one on screen playing baseball.

Field stars as Jo Deluca in Prime Video's "A League of Their Own," a variation of the 1992 film, which she's for quite some time revered.

She is so unadulterated, and certifiable, and interesting, in any event, when she isn't attempting to be. Faithful.

Like she's so adorable," Field says. As an entertainer, she felt like Jo's "advocate," watching her develop into her control throughout the span of the time.

She had her own interior motivational speech for Jo. "You truly can take care of yourself, and that is no joke,"