Crypto maker behind $60 billion accident claims hes not concealing following Interpol advance notice

Terraform Labs President Do Kwon keeps up with he's not on the run from South Korean police regardless of a global capture demand.

Kwon's business made the algorithmic stablecoins terraUSD or UST and luna, which were esteemed $60 billion and collapsed in May.

Super bullish flexible investments Three Bolts Capital was among those presented to terraUSD and luna.

Since this month, South Korea has needed Kwon's capture. Investigators say Kwon is stowing away. Interpol has given a "Red Notification" for Kwon, as per the Seoul Southern Locale Examiners' Office.

Interpol issues Red Notification for criminals looked for indictment or condemning. The admonition asks police implementation overall to secure the suspect. Removal could result.

Kwon tweets from Singapore. The Singapore Police Power says Kwon wasn't in Singapore recently.

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