Apple September 2022 event reactions

How far did Twitter react to iPhone 14 series and Far Out event

I’m gonna wear Apple Watch Ultra to sit in my chair all day

lol apple watch ultra is a really dumb name

No offense, but if you think the Apple Watch Ultra is attractive, you have Stockholm Syndrome

Meet Apple Watch ULTRA.  The one watch to get so people know you have the new one.

Oooo car crash detection comes to #AppleWatch8. If this works, it'll be great - it's effectively @OnStar except always on your wrist #AppleEvent

Apple Watch Series 8 has a temperature sensor, specifically for tracking ovulation. Given backlash to period tracking with Roe, Apple highlighting privacy in a big way.

eSIM is not the panacea it’s painted out to be. it’s just a stronger lock in method for both phone makers and carriers.

I'm sorry I can't get over this. So first it was the headphone jack, Apple just made that a thing and it was a big pain for a bit.

 Now no SIM card so if you're traveling, you're forced to pay for international roaming on your eSIM from US carriers?! #AppleEvent

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