November 29, 2023

Jeon Jong-Seo is a 1994-born South Korean actress whose shot to fame was the 2018 thriller Burning. She is also known by the name Rachel Jun. She recently came to the limelight again for her role in South Korean Money Heist (titled ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’).

Since the release of this movie, people have been wanting to get to know Jeon Jong-Seo more by following her social media handles, namely Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We tried searching for it too so that it becomes easier for you to get the answer. Here you go:

Jeon Jong-Seo Instagram Handle

When you search for this on the internet, you will most likely be greeted by Instagram handles that you possibly either may not understand (because they are in Korean) or by fan pages.

We have to admit – it wasn’t easy to find out which is the true handle of the South Korean actress. However, the very first result – – is the closest because it is the only page among the lot with the highest follower count. Another reason to believe that this could be true is that when you search for ‘Jeon Jong-Seo’ on Google, the knowledge panel links to this Instagram account. See the Instagram logo in the screenshot below.

Jeon Jong-Seo’s Instagram account is highly inactive. As of writing this story, it just has 3 posts, although all were posted within 5 days. Hoping the frequency increases as her fans may have been expecting.

Jeon Jong-Seo Twitter and Facebook Handles

Jeon Jong-Seo isn’t present on Twitter and Facebook for sure. Our search returned no pages that have a decent following. Also, Google’s search result do not link to other social media handles which confirms that the Money Heist actress isn’t present on these social media platforms.

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