December 11, 2023

A group of these players are currently on strike, stating that “we believe Foxhole should not have the kind of gaming experience that makes its players so desperate”.

Shooting at each other throughout the battlefield, Foxhole Logistics throughout the war effort depends on the task of the players, who must gather resources, manufacture items, and then deliver them to the front lines. Without them there is no supply, and without supplies there is no war.

It’s interesting but thankless work at the best of times, but recent changes to Foxhole have made the job more difficult. This is usually when players start complaining in forum posts or on social media, and to make sure it happened here, but the collective logistics players also went and turned to something a little more drastic, realizing it. How important they are to the game and go on strike .

As NME first reported, a group calling itself the Logistics Organization for General Improvement, or LOGI, published an open letter earlier this month saying that “our despair is starting to overwhelm our patience”. , and gave the developers time till January 10. “Provide specific and detailed feedback on the feasibility of implementing solutions to these concerns”.

When this did not happen, the group – numbering about 1,800 players, veterans and new alikes – decided to strike, although it should be noted that all those who signed the letter or joined the group’s discord have now Haven’t participated in it till now.

Although LOGI does not include all experienced logistics players in the game and does not temporarily prevent other players from playing a role to keep supplies flowing, it has had an impact on fighting in some places, some front line soldiers. being forced to fight. The other had nothing but a pistol.

At the time of publication Foxhole the Siege Camp developers have yet to respond to requests from the group.

We, the undersigned, represent Foxhole’s Logistics playerbase, ranging from seasoned veterans to passionate newcomers who came across the most recent update as of 0.46. We at Colonial and Warden are all dedicated to Foxhole and believe the current state of logistics poses a threat to the overall health of the sport.

The cumulative effects of changes to other systems within Foxhole have increased the stress and responsibility placed on player base logistics. We think Foxhole shouldn’t have a gaming experience that makes its players so desperate.

Using our members’ feedback, we have identified the most damaging issues to the logistics experience.

Our representatives will explore these questions in depth in the first Prescorp roundtable published after this paper, but we continue to focus on other issues that are hurting the overall experience of logistics players.

The explosive growth of our organization has shown that these issues are recognized by a significant portion of this community. Our desperation began to overwhelm our patience. While this list does not constitute all the issues raised by us, we recognize that these are the most pressing and believe that only by addressing the above issues in a timely manner will the players shortage in logistics begin to abate.

We ask developers to provide specific and detailed feedback on the feasibility of implementing solutions to these concerns by January 10, 2022.

We have no desire to disturb the balance of the game, nor do we intend to make the game less attractive or fun for anyone. Our goal is to create a healthy dialogue between developers and our community, increase player retention and improve the gaming experience.

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